Attention Coaches, Healers & Service Providers: If you have a signature service and your marketing strategy isn’t attracting an abundance of the attention and authority your business needs...

New Book Writing Workshop Helps You Get Your Message Out & Wow Your Audience With Your Expertise… Guaranteed!

Isn’t it time you write the signature book that best represents your vision and the message you want to share? Even if you’ve never written a book before, now is the time…

Ask anyone who has become an author of their own signature book, and they’ll tell you-your own book can enliven and expand your audience like nothing else.

Sure, you’ve been blogging and building your list, but with the usual marketing channels getting so saturated, it’s difficult to get people to remember your name, never mind want to work with you.

But write a signature book, and suddenly a new world of opportunity opens up.

More Than Just Your Name On The Cover

Writing a book isn’t just about selling on Kindle, or book launch tours. A signature book is the best way to authenticate your value as a coach, healer or service provider.

Think about it: A book is your chance to make a lasting impression.

Imagine the ability to:

  • Gain the authority to charge more - the authority of writing a book raises the stakes so you can work with clients who are more serious about what you do- and you are rewarded accordingly with premium rates
  • Get speaking engagements - what in-demand speaker DOESN’T have a book? Writing a book helps you become known as a leader in your field of expertise, empowering you to get higher profile gigs and charge more for them
  • Build your list and generate high quality leads for your business - use your book as a list building tool brings you high returns with the ability to step people through a sales funnel that takes them from cold to hot and ready to buy
  • Personal satisfaction - there is a certain restlessness of soul that drives us to say what we have to say. This is especially true when you have a message that will help others.
  • Build your body of work - writing a book is the perfect way to share your knowledge and build a legacy that you become known for.

Deep down you know that with a signature book, you will attract an abundance of these new possibilities, and so much more.

Not only that, but you can let your personality shine and freely share your opinions. There is nothing more magnetic than creating a sense of intimacy with your audience, and no better way to give them the chance to get to know, like, and trust you the way writing a book will.

Mo’ Publicity, Mo’ Clients, Mo’ Money

But the biggest benefit of writing and publishing a signature book is the abundance of attention and authority you’ll finally attract.

Not only will this help you make an impact with your work, it’ll help you create the success you need to make a difference in the world.

After all, when high traffic bloggers, podcasters, and magazines look for experts to interview on a subject, who do they look to first?


And more publicity means more clients, and more money in your wallet.

The thing is…

First You Have To Write The Book

No one ever gets invited on stage with Oprah to discuss the book they’ve been thinking about writing some day. No one you try to network with at a business conference can share the book you’ve just been thinking about writing.

That’s right, first you need to actually write your book!

And that’s where so many people get stuck:

  • “I don’t know what to write about in a book”
  • “Everything I write seems so boring”
  • “I don’t like spending a lot of time writing”

Sound familiar? You can waste time writing a list of excuses. But deep down you know that’s all they are. Excuses.

You can choose to hide behind these excuses, or you can choose to reap the rewards publishing a signature book can bring.

Introducing the…

Write Your Brilliant Book

Plan, Write, and Publish Your Signature Book From Idea to Final Draft

You will get the help and inspiration you need to overcome all the hurdles you face in this highly actionable four-week course. Not only that, but it will remain a go-to resource for you to refer to again and again as you master the writing techniques every author needs.

Module 1: Choosing and researching your big idea

First we’ll start in on the most important decision an author makes: what to write about.

You know your work inside and out, and but no matter how long you’ve been coaching, it can be hard to know how to translate your work into a great book. With this in mind, module 1 includes…

  • How to choose your Big Idea — an irresistible Big Idea compels your audience to read cover to cover
  • The best book type for you and your business — create a powerful outline for your signature book
  • The structures your favorite authors use — and why they work best
  • Why less is more — and how an “easy” read can communicate your vision more clearly
  • The secret to loving the writing process — learn to love the process and it will be easy to write!

Module 2: Writing Roadmap: The Right Way To Outline Your Vision

We start the writing process by creating a powerful outline for your book and finish up an necessary research. This step makes it super easy for you to write. In module 2, we’ll go through each step, including…

  • How to pull the perfect topics from your signature offering
  • The amazing research process that guarantees your book reaches the right audience
  • Six simple questions to help you align your book and your unique brand.
  • Why finding your authentic writing voice matters right now
  • The #1 way to write well and start off way ahead of most other authors

Module 3: Creating Flow Between Chapters

This is where we go from simply well-organized to making your book truly spectacular to read. Writing a book that flows from one section to the next will pull your readers along and leave them wanting to connect with you for more.

In module 3, we’ll get into the details of your book’s structure, including…

  • How to craft chapters so your book is enjoyable to read and hard to put down
  • Use this popular storytelling technique to keep your readers engaged
  • Real examples of a book in progress so you don't miss anything important
  • 3 narrative types to borrow from master fiction writers
  • The simple strategy for crafting calls to action in your book

Module 4: Author Your Success- Write, Edit, Publish, Launch!

You’ve got your research done, your message clear and the structure details, now it’s time to get down to business. Module 4 is all about getting it done and into the world, so let’s dive in!

  • How to design a writing schedule that works — stay on track and get your book finished
  • What to do about length — and why longer may not be better
  • How to self-edit your book like a pro — watch out for these four common mistakes
  • Proper book formatting — what you need to know for different publishing options
  • The secret to scheduling your book launch — congrats, you're a published author! Now it's time to get noticed.

Finally You Will Become A Published Author!

There really is nothing that can grow your business and spark a wildfire for your message quite like a book.

With your own signature book, new opportunities suddenly come knocking, such as:

  • Interviews with press, podcasters, and magazines
  • Speaking gigs on recognized stages and popular events
  • Easily sell out your signature services or coaching programs
  • An abundant stream of clients wanting to work with you (two words: waiting list!)
  • The ability to charge more for your coaching programs and other products
  • Don’t forget, a major self-esteem boost every time you pick up your book!

Nothing can bring options like these to your door as quicky as publishing a signature book will, so don’t wait any longer. Get this step-by-step guide today, and you’ll be holding your book in your hands and staring at your name on the cover before you know it!

See you on the inside,

Jenny Sjolund

Business Storytelling
& Book Writing Coach
Ghostwriter to the stars (that’s you!)

The Story Difference

P.S. This course is backed by my 100% guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, simply contact me within 30 days for a fast, hassle-free refund.


Your Instructor

Jenny Sjolund
Jenny Sjolund

I'm Jenny Sjolund, Book Writing Coach and the founder of The Story Difference.

My goal: to empower you to be bold & brilliant with your big message so you can change the world.

I do this by sharing my professional insights on crafting compelling narratives with the power of one of my life’s passions: storytelling.

I’ve helped shape successful stories for numerous speakers, authors, coaches, and business owners, helping them create viral content that converts, sells, and inspires.

You’ll benefit from my experience as a filmmaker and creative entrepreneur; I’ve developed and consulted on award winning documentary films, successful PR campaigns for up and coming musicians, and book launches for entrepreneurial authors.

Now I use storytelling techniques to empower emerging thought leaders to communicate their brilliance and write the book that best represents the vision and message they want to share.

What I’ve realized is this: most people wait for inspiration to guide them, when having the right guidance is what actually leads to inspiration and helps manifest even the wildest creative dreams.

PS I'll be sending workshop members a complimentary copy of my upcoming book Emotional Storytelling For Business Writing (tentative title).

“Working with (Jenny) I was not only fused with inspiration, I was driven to build a more concise platform and identified the aspects of my story and mission that I should own. She guided me in using language to steer my brand in the direction that felt complete, not disjointed.”

- Camalo Gaskin, Founder of Birth To Birth at

"Jenny Sjolund is a talented copywriter who has a great ear for hearing your unique voice and gifts to offer the world, then taking those gifts and structuring them into actionable copy that gets people to contact you for help. She is a delight to work with and is completely committed to her clients' success. She helped me to see opportunities that were bigger than what I could see and craft the copy that made these offerings real."

- Sasha Cagen, Author of Quirkyalone & To-do List and life coach,


Class Curriculum

  Welcome to Write Your Brilliant Book!
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  Module 1: Choosing and Researching Your Big Idea
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  Module 2: Writing Roadmap- The Right Way To Outline Your Vision
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  Module 3: Creating Flow Between Chapters
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  Module 4: Author Your Success- Write, Edit, Publish, Launch!
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“Jenny is one of my secret super powers! Copy was always something super challenging for me, but since I started working with Jenny I've noticed that not only do I have more clarity on how to communicate what I do to my ideal client, I now enjoy the process of doing it.”

- Simone Writer, Activist | Writer | Speaker | Resilience Coach at

“Thank you for this, you have truly helped me take another step towards my vision. I totally brainstormed with your questions and became more clear and confident with my gifts as well. Thank you for everything.”

- Teresa Mazzella,


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't write well enough?
Good news- you can. Your job is to communicate your message, my job is to show you how. Guidance with the planning and writing process will improve your skills tenfold, even if you don't have much confidence now.
What if I can't think of anything original to say?
Your vision is unique. Your voice, your life experiences- all YOU! This is why YOUR book matters, no one has exactly the same take on your work as you do. Don't worry about being completely original, in fact, it's a good sign if your niche is popular. That means people are interested in your topic! Your book is an opportunity for them to get to know YOU (we all know the importance of know, like, trust, right?).
Do I have time to write a book?
Writing a book is an impressive accomplishment, but when you know how to approach the project it doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming. A process that chunks down the tasks (each module has it's own checklist) makes things manageable and outlining the writing process to keep you on track.
When does the workshop start?
As soon as you register, you can get started!
Who is this workshop NOT for?
Write Your Brilliant Book is NOT the best program for you if you’re not passionate about your story or message, you don’t feel a deep desire to write your book at this time, you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all, fill-in-the-blank Mad Libs style template book writing program or you want to write fiction or a children’s book, or something technical like a cookbook or photography book.
What if I am unhappy with the workshop?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us within 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
How long do I have access to the workshop?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this workshop for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. Materials are downloadable, so you can keep them forever, wherever.

"Jenny is both an amazing copywriter and a wonderful person. Her feedback has breathed life into my site and sparked my creativity. She has helped me feel more confident in my writing abilities and this has allowed me to write in a way that makes me feel more connected with my readers."

- Alison Edelstein, Speech Language Pathologist & Creator at ChirpyChatterbox,

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